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Parents Meeting / Saturday Game
by posted 10/10/2019

We will need to postpone the parents meeting till next Wednesday.  I am now the only coach for our team on Friday and I can not have the the kids on the ice without me.  Sorry for the inconvenience.   


SATURDAY GAME - If everyone could please respond through the website on who will be attending or not attending.  We are now potentially missing more players than originally thought and I need to ensure that we have enough.  If you can please respond this morning, then that will give me time to find call ups (if needed).  




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by posted 10/09/2019

In an effort to get our games to be more competitive, we were presented with the opportunity to swap our game for this weekend with another team to see how we would potentially fit in the another divison.  This will give the VHL some more data to figure out where would be the best fit for us. 


It is tough to see the kids working hard but getting very frustrated with the results. 


So our NEW game for SATURDAY 10/12 is vs Somerville at 410p in Cambridge.

The rink Address is

155 Gore Street

Cambridge MA 02141


This game has already been updated to our schedule. 




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Misc Item
by posted 10/02/2019

I wanted to get a few things out there for you all to think about - 

1st  - We have been asked if we wanted to scrimmage a Crusaders team on SATURDAY at 630p in Auburn.  Please shoot me an email saying yes or no.  I realize we already have a game on Saturday morning, but I figured I would ask to see if people were interested in a free game.

2nd - Our game on Saturday is in Chelmsford at 7a.  We are already down 2 skaters, so please be sure to let me know if you can not make it ASAP.

3rd - We have a game over Columbus Day Weekend, please let me know if you have any conflicts ASAP.  I want to make sure that we have enough players (if people are going away)

4th - I would like to schedule our parents meeting for Friday 10/11.  Please let me know if this date won't work, meeting should take about 15-20 minutes and I'll do it right at the start of our practice.



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