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Weekly update
by posted 12/08/2019

Lady Revs U10,

We are gamewise, just over the halfway mark of the season-  can you believe it!?!  I'm going to have informal player meetings over the next few weeks at practices and games to get an idea of how each skater views their progress and what their favorite position is.

*Since the high school season has started, our practices may not be as predictable so I'll continue to update them here, but our habits are hard to break!

*If you have any questions about the amazing (and free) girls club at CrossFit Prototype in Westborough, just let me know.  They do a lot of great work with athleticism in girls.

  Date Time Details Event Location
  Tue, Dec 10 05:00 PM - 05:50 PM

& Squirt 2 Grey**

*not alone for the next few weeks

Practice Westborough, Northstar - A
  Fri, Dec 13 07:50 PM - 08:40 PM & Squirt 1 Gold Practice Westborough, Northstar - B
  Sat, Dec 14 02:30 PM Girls Clinic - Northstar Rink B    
  Sun, Dec 15 11:35 AM - 12:35 PM vs. Seacoast Spartans U10 Game Boxboro, Nashoba Olympia

*This is our fourth meeting with Seacoast, we are 0-1-2 so far against this very strong opponent, but if the girls play like they did today...

Coach Matt


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Weather and off ice training
by posted 12/03/2019

Lady Revs U10,


It seems like winter is upon us, whether the calendar agrees or not!  The rinks will not close unless it is a state of emergency.  I'll typically send an email, but I usually suggest families to use their best judgement.  If you are not comfortable going on the road, please do not!  If it is a game, just send me a text.  

The Revs organization wanted to set up an off ice training schedule, but have been unable to find volunteers to organize it.  I would like to suggest Crossfit Prototype in Westborough.  They run a free girls fitness class that both my girls have been going to and enjoy.  If you are interested, it is on Thursdays, 4PM:  just go to : and fill out a waiver for your daughter.  You only need to do this once and they are in the system.  

Hope everyone has been able to relax since the tournament, I VERY much appreciated the two snow days!

Coach Matt


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