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REVS Gear- Jackets & Blankets and Spirit Gear Store


Great news for everyone that was asking about hockey jackets and custom blankets. They are now available to order in our online store! Please act fast since the deadlines are QUICK!!

Unfortunately, the manufacturer that we work with on the jackets will not be able to meet our Winter deadline for warm up pants, so we will not be making them available at this time.  We apologize for the inconvenience.    

 All jacket orders must be placed online by Oct. 20th.

This will be our last order for the season and all jackets will arrive in time for the holidays (early to mid-December).

       All blanket orders must be placed online by Nov. 7th.

This will be our last order for the season and blankets will arrive in time for the holidays (early to mid-December).

We also now have lots of great Revs merchandise available and in stock from our web store which can be purchased at any time throughout the season (while supplies last). Visit and hover over the left HOME tab, Click on the the Spirit Gear Store that has all your CM Revs merchandise available.
Merchandise pickup information will be sent out in a future email. Thanks you!

by posted 10/15/2019
House League Learn To Play Hockey -November 2nd - Register Now!

          House League - Learn to Play Hockey

The CM Revolution House League learn to play hockey program focuses on early level hockey skating and skills for players between 4 and 12 years old. No prior hockey experience is necessary, though full hockey gear is required. CM Revolution strongly recommends a certain level of skating proficiency. Please read all about House League - Learn to Play under the Player Programs tab.



For new families, please allow enough time to dress your player in the locker room so they can be READY to step on the ice when the ice time starts. Hockey parent tip!! Practice dressing at HOME so both parent and player can become accoustome to getting ready.

  • Required equipment includes: Helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, chest protector, hockey pants, shin guards and skates.
  • Friendly reminder, skates are NOT sharpened if they are brand new. They will need to be sharpened at a local rink or hockey store before being used the first time.


  • Session 1: 11/2/2019 thru 1/12/2020 - 11 weeks of practice and game
  • Session 2:  1/18/2020 thru  4/4/2020 - 11 weeks of practice and game
  • Dates and session weekly times listed below


  • Northstar Ice Rink, Bridgle Lane, Westborough,
  • Saturday practice - Rink B - Start time will vary between 1 or 1:50pm. 60 minutes ice session
  • Sunday game - Rink B - ADDED BONUS!! Cross Ice Mini Game at 9am

Cost and Registration

  • $175.00 per player per session - 11 weeks, 22 hours of ice time
  • Register online for Session 1 at
    • Click Register NOW button at the top right IF YOU already have an account with Revs Hockey
    • If you do NOT have an account with Revs hockey, you will be asked to create a player and parent profile.
  • Registration will open for Session 2 in November. This is a separate registration for an additonal 11 weeks of House League. Do not recreate a player account if you already registered for Session 1. Sign in to your account at the top right hand corner then register.

Session 1 and Session 2 Schedules:

Session 1:

Please note the times vary certain weekends..

  • Week 1:   11/2   Sat 1:00pm and 11/3   Sun 9:00am
  • Week 2:   11/9   Sat 1:50pm and 11/10 Sun 9:00am
  • Week 3:   11/15 Sat 1:50pm and 11/16 Sun 9:00am
  • Week 4:   11/23 Sat 1:50pm and 11/24 Sun 9:00am
  • Week 5:   11/30 Sat 1:50pm and 12/1   Sun 9:00am
  • Week 6:   12/7   Sat 1:30pm and 12/8   Sun 8:50am
  • Week 7:   12/14 Sat 1:30pm and 12/15 Sun 8:50am
  • Week 8:   12/21 Sat 1:30pm and 12/22 Sun 8:50am
  • Week 9:   12/28 Sat 1:30pm and 12/29 Sun 8:50am
  • Week 10:  1/4    Sat 1:30pm and 1/5     Sun 8:50am
  • Week 11:  1/11  Sat 1:30pm and 1/12   Sun 8:50am

Session 2: Registration opens in November

Please note the times vary certain weekends.

  • Week 1:   1/18 Sat 1:30pm and 1/19 Sun 8:50am
  • Week 2:   1/25 Sat 1:30pm and 1/26 Sun 8:50am
  • Week 3:   2/1   Sat 1:30pm and 2/2   Sun 8:50am
  • Week 4:   2/8   Sat 1:30pm and 2/9   Sun 8:50am
  • Week 5:   2/22 Sat 1:30pm and 2/23 Sun 8:50am
  • Week 6:  2/29  Sat 1:30pm and 3/1   Sun 8:50am
  • Week 7:  3/7    Sat 1:50pm and 3/8   Sun 9:00am
  • Week 8:  3/14  Sat 1:50pm and 3/15 Sun 9:00am
  • Week 9:  3/21  Sat 1:50pm and 3/22 Sun 9:00am
  • Week 10: 3/28 Sat 1:50pm and 3/29 Sun 9:00am
  • Week 11: 4/4   Sat 1:50pm and 4/5   Sun 9:00am


by posted 10/01/2019
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