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Statement from FMC Rinks (Buffone, Navin, and others)

Please take time to read the update below provided by our FMC Rinks.  While this statement came from FMC, the CM Revolution Board is requesting that all players and families abide by all our rink's rules and regulations.  This is of the utmost importance for the safety of all.

Dear FMC hockey / skating participants and parents,

We want to again stress to you the urgency of complying with the state protocols for COVID-19. If you haven’t heard yet, the Governor of New Hampshire has shut down the state’s hockey and skating programs for two weeks while they develop new protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through the rinks (click here for the story).

While Massachusetts had issued extensive guidelines and protocols before the rinks were allowed to re-open, NH did not develop COVID-19 safety measures to the same extent and cases are now being traced back to the rinks.

Those safeguards are only effective if they are complied with fully and we are urging you once more to please make every effort to comply and assist us by reminding others when they are not complying or bring it to the attention of the rink supervisor. Our full SOP will remain on the FMC website with any additions and updates being posted as soon as they are announced. Please share the SOP located here as the most updated version and replace any older versions you may have shared, posted or otherwise distributed.

There was also a study released by CDC recently based on an incident that occurred in June at a rink in Tampa, FL. The CDC concluded that ice hockey was high risk for COVID-19 transmission. There were few if any safety measures in place and face coverings were not required at all in the facility. This incident and the subsequent report unfairly puts our sport in a bad light because the regulators and participants were not acting responsibly to mitigate the potential for spread of COVID-19.

As you know better than anyone, many families have invested a lot of time and money to keep their kids on the ice and a shutdown of the rinks or sport would be devastating to them. Please work with us to ensure that doesn’t happen and we can maintain a safe environment for everyone to enjoy the sport we love!

Thank you from all of us at FMC!

by posted 10/16/2020
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