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 CMR Player Evaluations

The CM Revolution goes to great length to have an accurate and fair player evaluation process. While we know no process is perfect, we hope that players and families remember Hockey Operations has worked extremely hard to develop this player evaluation process. Hockey Operations has developed a player evaluation process which provide all players an equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills, abilities and hockey sense thru planned skills/drills and scrimmages all while doing their best. At the conclusion of player evaluations, Hockey Operations will have scores and a clear picture of a player's abilities. This information will be use to ensure all players will be placed on a team at that player's competitive level and with equal abilities to help them develop properly.

Also, please note that our volunteers make the tryout experience happen and if you feel that you can help, please let the Hockey Director, Coaching Coordinators, Divisional Managers or President know of your interest. If you have any constructive input or opinions about our process, please share these with the Hockey Director, Coaching Coordinators, Divisional Managers or President.  We strive to make the process the best that it can be and understand that with feedback we can continue to improve. We look forward to your continued support and participation through the coming hockey season.

Player evaluations can be stressful for both parents and players so a few suggestions for parents and players. Parents main focus should be helping their child(ren) to remain calm. If the parent is anxious then your child may become more anxious. Simple, positive encouragement to your child to put their best effort forward on the ice is a great motivator. Most children will usually settle down after being on the ice for a short time. Each player(child) already knows they want to do 'their best', whatever their best is. If you see your child having an on ice issue, please do not, in any case, approach the evaluators or on-ice staff during the session because we have limited time on the ice and these volunteers need to focus on their responsibilities.


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