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CM Revolution is a Massachusetts Hockey designated "Town Program" and will make every effort to accept and properly place players during evaluations or during the season.  Players joining CM Revolution mid-season will be evaluated by the Hockey Operations team and Coaches of the players specified division to determine the proper placement of the player based on the existing teams and the players ability.  CM Revolution does not "reserve roster spots" for players on upper teams in anticipation of players joining mid-season.  However, when determining numbers for each team in a division where an odd number of players exists relative to the number of teams, the higher-level team(s) should have the lower number of players.  It is easy to move a player up to a higher team, but often very difficult or impossible to move a player down even as a substitute player.

As the CM Revolution Youth Hockey Program goes to long lengths to have an accurate and fair tryout experience, we hope that players and families remember that no process is ever perfect.  Our goal is ensure that all players are evaluated properly and placed on a team at that player’s abilities to help them develop properly.  If you have any constructive input or opinions about our process, please share these with the Hockey Director, Coaching Coordinators, Divisional Managers or President.  We strive to make the process the best that it can be and understand that with feedback we can continue to improve. 

Also, please note that our volunteers on or office the ice, make the evalutation experience happen and if you feel that you can help, please contact the Hockey Director, Coaching Coordinators, Divisional Managers or President. 

Thanks again for participating in the CM Revolution Youth Hockey player evaluations. We look forward to your continued support and participation through the coming hockey season.

Player Evaluation

The Player Evaluation Process has the following components:  Skills evaluation, Scrimmage evaluation, Fall Conditioning and coaches’ evaluations. Scoring: Scrimmage 60% + Current Coach Evaluation + Skills

Evaluation Structure

The player evaluation structure is built to allow for a proper evaluation of the player’s hockey skills and abilities.  The evaluations consist of structured on-ice sessions focusing on skills and scrimmaging.  The Player Evaluation Committee will develop the overall evaluation format and submit to CM Revolution Board of Directors for approval for executing the format. 

The skills will involve up to 8 skills drills, which may or may not include pucks, and include a time-based measurement at the drill’s completion.  This objective measure is only based on time and includes no subjective measure.

The scrimmage evaluation will include at least four (4) evaluators with hockey experience from the CM Revolution coaching staff. These coaches will be selected by the Player Evaluation Committee to ensure proper evaluation of the players.  Our goal is to ensure that no evaluator evaluates his/her own child.  However, schedules could be adjusted due to unexpected circumstances.  If that happens and someone ends up evaluating at his/her child's level, that evaluator will have no input regarding his/her own child; the child will be ranked and placed by the other evaluators only, using the regular selection process.

Special considerations:

  • What if a Player want to play Goalie and out as a Player?
    • Mite and Squirt: goal is to have all players have the opportunity to play goal, if they wish.  However, at the skills and scrimmage evals, we will need to see all players skate out for the evaluation process and then goalies will have a separate goalie evaluation. 
    • Our process will have full-time goalies play in net during the scrimmage portions of the evaluation and part-time goalies play out.  The evaluation process will have the full-time goalies to be placed at their evaluated level;  however the part-time goalie will be placed as a player and goalie. 
    • Depending on placement, the player will be placed at the lower common denominator.  For example, if the player is placed on the Squirt 3’s as a goalie and Squirt 2’s as a player, the player can choose to play out at the Squirt 2 level full-time or choose to play goalie and play out at the Squirt 3 level.  Final decisions on this matter are conducted by the Hockey Director.
  • Players missing Player Evaluation Events
    • For Skills scores, CM Revolution will have make-up sessions. 
    • For Scrimmage scores, players will be scored at both scrimmage sessions and the session with the best overall scores will be used in determining their placement. 
      • In the event that the player misses one scrimmage, their single score will be used.  If the player has not participated in either scrimmage, the player will be flagged in the Fall conditioning week events for additional evaluation to ensure that he is placed on the proper team for his development. 
      • Remember that added consideration will be given to the player who has made the scrimmages and is at a similar level during the Fall conditioning events.
  • Players at Different Age Levels
    • ALL skaters will be evaluated at their own age level. If there is a Massachusetts Hockey medical waiver requested to play at a younger level, or a legitimate reason to play at an older level, the skater will still ONLY be evaluated at their own level.
    • The skater’s family requesting the age waiver will need to communicate their level request to the Hockey Director, Coaching Coordinators and President, who will note the request on their evaluation application. If it is determined that the player will play at the requested level, the player will be placed according to his evaluation scores at this level's evaluation.