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Player Evaluation Format: Skill and Scrimmages

Hockey Operations has developed a player evaluation process which provide all players an equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills, abilities and hockey sense thru planned skills/drills and scrimmages all while doing their best. At the conclusion of player evaluations, Hockey Operations will have scores and a clear picture of a player's abilities. The goal is to ensure that no evaluator evaluates his/her own child.  However, schedules could be adjusted due to unexpected circumstances.  If that happens and someone ends up evaluating at his/her child's level, that evaluator will have no input regarding his/her own child; the child will be ranked and placed by the other evaluators only, using the regular selection process.

Players are to attend the age/last name skills session (1) in March and the two (2) scrimmage sessions in April. Players are to attend ALL of their appropriate evaluation sessions.

Skills:  Players attend the age group/last name skills sesssion (1) in March. Players will participate in a series of varied drills, designed by the Hockey Director and Coaching Coordinators and executed by the on-ice staff.  The skills will involve up to 10 skills drills, which may or may not include pucks, and include a time-based measurement at the drill’s completion. This objective measure is only based on time and includes no subjective measure. The drills focus on skating, stopping and puck handling.

  • The player is competing against the clock. The drills will be timed by evaluators.
  • A coach will be posted at each end of the rink. The first coach will ensure that all players start at the same position and at the same time.
  • The second coach will have a stopwatch and clipboard to properly measure and record the player’s time measurement.

Skill Scores Rules:

When scoring skill drills and the use of a puck is included, the player must cross the finish line with the puck to complete the drill.

  • If the players has outside interference including a coach, another player, equipment failure, etc. beyond the players control the player will be asked to redo the drill.
  • If there is a malfunction of the timer, then the player will be asked to redo the drill. A player who makes a mistake, such as simply mishandling the puck or accidentally tripping without any outside interference will not be allowed to redo the drill. Players should work as quickly as possible to recover from a mistake and finish the drill.
  • If a player is deemed to have had an event that significantly impacted his score, the coach will signal to Director (individual running the event on ice) to determine if the player shall attempt the drill again.
  • If the player does not perform the drill properly, it will be left to the discretion of the coach timing the drill to determine if the mistake significantly impacted the players performance of the drill.
    • If yes, then the player will be asked to redo the drill
    • If no and the mistake positively impacted their time, then an asterisk should be added to their score and an .5 sec penalty will be added to their time when entering their score.
  • Once skills drills are completed and if time is remaining, the on-ice Player Eval Director will organize a fun scrimmage. This scrimmage is NOT used for evaluation purposes. The scrimmage is to let the players have fun and use the remaining ice time

Scores:  Once the final player evaluation session for a particular age group is completed, all player scores from skills and scrimmage sessions will be entered into a spreadsheet. This data entry is performed by a volunteer selected by the President and checked for accuracy by the Hockey Operations team. The Hockey Director and/or Coaching Coordinators will keep all scores and notes. These will be used during the evaluation process. The scores will not be made public.