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Fall Conditioning Evaluation & Final Rosters

Fall Conditioning Evaluation is the final phase of player evaluations and placement process. The CMR understands that players abilities grow, skating skills and hockey sense develop over the summer. As well as players move to the area and need to be evaluated in the fall. Therefore, Fall Conditioning Evaluation Week is  held to evaluate players with  several sessions of drills and scrimmages.

CMR  is a Massachusetts hockey designated "Town Program" and will make every effort to accept any player that wants to play hockey and properly place players during player evaluations or during the season. Players joining CMR mid-season will be evaluated by the Hockey Operations team and Coaches of the player's age division to determine the proper placement of the player based on the existing teams and the players ability.

CMR does not "reserve roster spots" for players on upper teams in anticipation of players joining mid-season.

Players will be evaluated by Fall Conditioning Evaluation team that is comprised of the preliminary Head Coaches, Hockey Operations team members and other coaches. These evaluators will make recommendations to the Hockey Director and Coaching Coordinators based on scores for player movement. Each member of the Fall Conditioning Evaluation team will rank the players based on their performance during fall conditioning. The players with the highest combined rank will be selected to move up.

If there is a tie, then the Head Coach of team will select player using these special considerations

  • CMR  policy regarding 2nd year players within a level: If players have similar scores, the 2nd year player will be given a higher level of consideration
  • Players missing Player Evaluation Events: Players who are absent from Fall Conditioning events for their assigned teams will remain on their assigned teams. If a player is able to partially participate in Fall Conditioning, evaluators will do their best to determine skill level. If such a determination is not able to be made, the player will remain on their assigned team.
  • Players at Different Age Levels: ALL skaters will tryout at their own age level. If there is a Massachusetts Hockey medical waiver requested to play at a younger level, or a legitimate reason to play at an older level, the skater will still ONLY tryout at their own level. The skater’s family requesting the age waiver will need to communicate their level request to the Hockey Director, Coaching Coordinators and President, who will note the request on their tryout application. If it is determined that the player will play at the requested level, the player will be placed according to his tryout scores at this level's tryout.
  • Splitting of Teams: If the numbers at any level require a large number of teams (four or more) and there is a known issue with the lower teams and parity, the Hockey Director will discuss the possibility of splitting the bottom two teams of equal scores to ensure their proper competitiveness within the League(s). The proposed split will be performed by the Hockey Director and Coaching Coordinator at the appropriate level.

The goal is to have the Final Rosters created and posted before the regular season begins.

No player will be permitted to participate in Fall Conditioning player evaluation session OR placed on a FINAL ROSTER unless all outstanding family balances previous financials and the 2019/20 $250 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit are PAID IN FULL.