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Fall Conditioning Week

As many skaters continue to develop over the summer and players move into our towns, the CM Revolution Program understands that skaters may need to be evaluated in the Fall and placed on a team for their best development.  The Fall Conditioning Week is the final phase of our player placement process and includes several sessions of drills and scrimmages that allow for players to be evaluated.  Players will be evaluated by Fall Conditioning Evaluation team that is comprised of the preliminary head coach, hockey operations team members and other coaches which  makes a  roster recommendations to the Hockey Director and Coaching Coordinators for movement.  Each member of the fall conditioning evaluation team will rank the players based on their performance during fall conditioning. The players with the highest combined rank will be selected to move up.  If there is a tie, then Head Coach of team will select player using special considerations listed below. The goal is to have the Final Rosters created and posted before the regular season begins. 

Some notes on special considerations:

  • CM Revolution policy regarding 2nd year players within a level:  If players have similar scores, the 2nd year player will be given a higher level of consideration.

  • Players missing Player Evaluation Events:  Players who are absent from Fall Conditioning events for their assigned teams will remain on their assigned teams.  If a player is able to partially participate in Fall Conditioning, evaluators will do their best to determine skill level.  If such a determination is not able to be made, the player will remain on their assigned team.

  • Players at Different Age Levels:  ALL skaters will tryout at their own age level. If there is a Massachusetts Hockey medical waiver requested to play at a younger level, or a legitimate reason to play at an older level, the skater will still tryout at their own level. The skater’s family requesting the age waiver will need to communicate their level request to the Hockey Director, Coaching Coordinators and President, who will note the request on their tryout application. If it is determined that the player will play at the requested level, the player will be asked to tryout the requested level's tryout.

  • Scores:  The Hockey Director and/or Coaching Coordinators will keep all scores and notes and will use them during the Evaluation Process. The scores will not be made public.


Schedule Goal for Preliminary and Final Rosters

** ScoringScrimmage 60% + Current Coaches Eval 25% Skills 15%: Notes: Coaches evals will need to be done by all current team coaches and submit prior to skills session. An evaluation form will be developed by committee and sent to all coaches in Feb. The form will match the Scrimmage eval scoring. TBD form may follow a rank of 1-10 with 1 being highest. As an example, 1 ranking on skating means that players skills would be first line of the top team in the division level they will be moving into.

  • Proposed Scoring Scale:

    • Example:  

      • 1 = First Line Top (A Team)

      • 2 = Second Line Top (A Team)

      • 5 = Second Line 2 level (B Team)

      • 9 = Third Line Lowest team (C Team)

      • 10 = Lowest team depending on age House League may be an option for this player.

The goal is to have Preliminary Rosters posted on our website by the end of June.  The goal for Final rosters is the end of fall Conditioning Week.   Each division manager will responsible for contacting players who were identified during fall conditioning week to move up. 


CM Revolution is a Massachusetts Hockey designated "Town Program" and will make every effort to accept and properly place players during tryouts or during the season.  Players joining CM Revolution mid-season will be evaluated by the Hockey Operations team and Coaches of the players specified division to determine the proper placement of the player based on the existing teams and the players ability.  CM Revolution does not "reserve roster spots" for players on upper teams in anticipation of players joining mid-season.  However, when determining numbers for each team in a division where an odd number of players exists relative to the number of teams, the higher-level team(s) should have the lower number of players.  It is easy to move a player up to a higher team, but often very difficult or impossible to move a player down even as a substitute player.

As the CM Revolution Youth Hockey Program goes to long lengths to have an accurate and fair tryout experience, we hope that players and families remember that no process is ever perfect.  Our goal is ensure that all players are evaluated properly and placed on a team at that player’s abilities to help them develop properly.  If you have any constructive input or opinions about our process, please share these with the Hockey Director, Coaching Coordinators, Divisional Managers or President.  We strive to make the process the best that it can be and understand that with feedback we can continue to improve. 

Also, please note that our volunteers make the tryout experience happen and if you feel that you can help, please contact the Hockey Director, Coaching Coordinators, Divisional Managers or President. 

Thanks again for participating in the CM Revolution Youth Hockey tryouts.  We look forward to your continued support and participation through the coming hockey season.