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June 1, 2020: CM Revolution will provide updates as we receive them on the Spring 2020 Girls Bruins Academy. We have not received any information on resumption of the program. Please note, CM Revolution is only in charge of ice time and coaches for the Bruins Academy program. Stay tuned for any updates from the Boston Bruins and the state of Mass for ice rink openings and guidelines. -CM Revs

Email sent in the morning on Friday, March 13, 2020 to all players. Stay tuned for updates. Thank you.

Dear Girls Bruins Academy Players and Families,
Central Mass Revolution received this message from the Boston Bruins Academy Director regarding the Girls Bruins Academy Learn to Play program in regards to the Covid - 19 virus.
Please know, CM Revolution has canceled all practices and team events for the safety of our players and families. Also all the different hockey leagues our teams play in, have canceled games/playoffs for the time being and hockey rinks are closed.

Please see the NHL's statement below regarding our current LTP program:


"On behalf of the NHL/NHLPA, the health and safety of the participants, families, and staff is of the utmost importance. With the concerns around Covid-19, we have decided, effective immediately, all Learn to Play fittings, and on-ice sessions will be postponed until further notice. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide relevant information as it becomes available. If there are any questions, please direct them to your respective youth hockey contact at the NHL Club.


As it relates to all Pure Hockey fittings, please use the following email address and custom service number for directions on placing your equipment order or for any questions.

(866) 787-3462 

Thank you for your continued support of the program and understanding. We look forward to seeing you back at the rink as soon as possible."


Central Mass Revolution will be waiting for direction from the Boston Bruins Girls Bruins Academy for further information regarding the Girls Bruin Academy program this spring. Central Mass Revolution BOD is grateful for your understanding in this unprecedented situation we all are in.


Best regards,


CM Revolution BOD

Matt Dejardins, CM Revolution, Girls Bruins Academy Director

Christa Duprey, CM Revolution, Girls Bruins Academy Asst. Director



Welcome to GIRLS Bruins Academy Spring 2020

The Boston Bruins’ reason for starting this program is simple: They want more Girls to try playing hockey without the inhibiting factors of cost and time commitment. We intend to provide a fun experience for all the players while they learn new skills. We plan to wrap up the final session with cross-ice scrimmage games so they can apply their newfound skills to playing ‘real’ hockey. Cross-ice scrimmage is the width of the rink which promotes stopping and starting, turns, pivots plus more changes for touches to the puck instead of ‘chasing’ a puck end to end. This is just how 8U/Mites play their games per the USA Hockey. Our reason for supporting Bruins Academy is equally simple:

The Central Mass Revolution loves to introduce new players to hockey.

The sweaty heads and big smiles we see when players come off the ice is wholeheartedly gratifying.

The Girls Bruins Academy skill focus for the next four weeks is to have players comfortable on their skates, move around on their own, pick themselves up when they fall, and feel confident in their ability to play hockey.

Leveraging the methods, we apply in our House League program and following USA Hockey’s American Development Mode (ADM),we will use a variety of drills, with a mix of balance and agility skills plus mini games, to have a progressive approach to hockey skill development.

Schedule/Location: This is our UPDATED scheduled ice times as of Friday, February 21st. Please note, these changes were from the Northstar Rink schedule. If there is a change in the future, we will be sure to email you ahead of time. Please be at the rink approximately 30/45 minutes early, so there is enough time to park, use the bathroom if needed, check in, find the assigned locker room and time to dress. Also, it keeps the ‘running late’ nerves and stress down. Hockey is meant to be FUN!!!  

All of our on-ice sessions will take place at NorthStar Skating: Rink A/B/C, 3 rinks


Check in upon arrival at the CM Revs/BA table. Locker Room info will be provided.

  • Saturday, March 7 @ 1pm Rink C
  • Saturday, March 14 @ 1pm Rink A
  • Saturday, March 21 @ 12:40pm Rink B
  • Saturday, March 28 @ 12:40pm Rink B

Friendly Reminders

It is in your player’s best interest to NOT hover over them once on the ice,but to let them try, fly and succeed on the ice all by themselves. Watching and waving from the bleachers is the BEST for your player. THEY need to build their confidence themselves and trust with the CM Revs volunteers. They will accomplish this with encouragement from the certified volunteer coaches and Lady Revs players who truly want them to enjoy hockey! TRUST US ON THIS!!! Thank you.

Have a question?

Matt Desjardins, CM Revolution Hockey, Lady Revolution Coach, Girls Bruins Academy HC 

Christa Duprey, CM Revs Secretary/Board Member/BA Coordinator at

Getting Equipment Ready

Girls Bruins Academy is just about FULL!!! How exciting!! More FUN for everyone!! With that, there will be a lot of girls and parents in the locker room with equipment that all looks alike. Please take these steps at least a week before the first session to help yourself, your little girl and everyone, for a smooth time in the locker room and stress-free time during Bruins Academy sessions.


  • Clearly write your player’s name on all equipment: Use a sharpie to label and write names large to easily see.. Please label EVERYTHING: elbow pads, shin guards, pants, jersey etc. A silver sharpie works well on black hockey pants or jersey.
  • Helmet name: grab some white hockey tape or masking tape and write your child’s name in BIG PRINTED LETTERS and place it on the forehead area of the helmet. This is a HUGE help so all the coaches can learn names and call players by their name. Make sure to adjust the helmet if adjustable from front to back for a secure fit AND that the chin strap and the cage straps are securing snug. If not snug, the helmet could come off.
  • Stick: Label your player’s name in BIG letters on a piece of hockey tape and also make a KNOB at the top end of the stick. This is so they can learn where the end of the stick is with their hand and it also allows for  the stick to be slightly raised off the ice and then there is space for them to pick up and grab the stick with hockey gloves on.
  • For safety reasons it is critical that your player is properly dressed and the all equipment fits properly. If your child has not yet tried putting on the equipment, we recommend you get dressed at least once before our first session so everything can be adjusted and the player can get use to the equipment. Even practice falling down and getting up with equipment on, without skates of course it a great thing to do!!
  • There is an order to getting all the gear on. It is good to practice the order of equipment for dressing. For example, it is nearly impossible to put on hockey pants once skates are on. Skates are one of the last items on.
  • If you have any questions about how all that gear goes on, USA Hockey has a great video you can reference at 
  • We strongly recommend that parents make sure that new skates are sharpened. They may or may NOT come pre-sharpened. We have found some players receive sharpened skates and some have not, so best to check. Normally a new pair of skates right out of the box are not sharpened therefore, it will be impossible to skate on, leading to frustration for your child. This should be done PRIOR to the first visit to the rink. The first Bruins Academy session day is NOT the day to have them sharpened as there could be MANY pairs of skates ahead of you in line and it takes time. The other rinks will be busy as well during the day.

Please check in at the CM REVS table upon arrival. You will then be informed which locker room to change in.

  • All players must get dressed and put skates on in one of the assigned locker rooms. One adult per child in the locker room please. We know everyone is excited to see their new hockey player get ready, however, SPACE IS LIMITED IN THE LOCKER ROOM.
  • Please do not get your player(s) dressed in the lobby or on the bleachers.
  • Players are encouraged to get partially dressed at home and just put skates, helmet and gloves on at the rink. The locker rooms will be crowded and a bit chaotic, so getting started at home and making sure you are to the rink early will really help.

Before and On Ice

  • Once your player is dressed, players can line up along the outside the boards at the rink.
  • All players should be dressed and ready to go approximately 10 minutes before ice time (12:50 pm).
  • Please keep players out of the bench areas until the Zamboni is off the ice.
  • As soon as Zamboni doors are closed, the coaches will allow the players to take the ice.
  • Parents are not allowed on the player benches. This is a strict policy that MUST be followed due to liability. If you are on the player benches, you will be asked to leave the bench area by one of the volunteer coaches. Also, being on the bench is a HUGE distraction to your young player.
  • Parents are permitted to sit in the stands or stand around the rink. Pictures and videos do come out just fine thru the ‘glass’.

On the first day, we’ll give them some time to skate around and try to get a feel for all that new gear before we break them into smaller groups.

  • Don’t be surprised to see some tears of frustration along the way or hear their skates are too tight or their helmet doesn’t fit right — wearing all that equipment and being in a hockey practice for the first time is a big step, and even children with some experience with pond hockey or open skating can have trouble making that big step.
  • Learning to skate is not easy and sometimes the players get so frustrated that they want to get off the ice and talk to their parents, but our coaches will do the best they can to reassure the players and encourage them to stay on the ice if they do get upset.

What comes next?

At the end of Bruins Academy, your player is welcome to join our CM Revolution House League; a learn to play hockey program which is scheduled to begin in early November

Information will be posted on as well as our Central Mass Revolution Facebook page once the House League registration is open in the early fall. LIKE us on Facebook to keep up to date on the all the CM Revs happenings.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any of the coaches or volunteers regarding House League or any of our other programs or teams.

On Ice Assistance

If you are a USA Hockey Certified Coach or a parent who is an experienced skater or hockey player and are willing to help on the ice please click on this link and fill out form.

  • We will assign additional volunteers as needed.
  • With almost 50 new skaters, there will be a lot of picking kids up for the first week, so additional help is needed. Per USA Hockey and Central Mass Revolution Hockey rules, everyone on the ice MUST wear a helmet and a pair of gloves. (Non USA Hockey registered volunteers take to the ice at their own risk)

For Saturday March 7th at 1:00 pm…….

  1. Be sure to have your phone charged to take lots of video each week since looking back at these videos in just four weeks or even four months or four years down the road, will leave you shaking your head in pleasant disbelief how far your girl has come with hockey!!!
  2. Have a equipment try on at home and skates sharpened.
  3. A big thank YOU for taking the time to read all of this important information plus follow the suggestions and rules for a successful Girls Bruins Academy
  4. If you have any specific questions about Bruins Academy not already outlined here, or any other general questions, please feel free to

Thank you for your interest in the great sport of hockey. See you and your little girl at the RINK,

Matt Desjardins

Central Mass Revolution Hockey, Lady Revolution coach