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Waltham Tournament - 2/19-25
by posted 01/19/2022

Exciting news.....

We have been accepted into the Waltham Tounament to play in a 5 team division during the week of Febuary Vacation, 2/19-25.  While I do not yet have the schedule, I am being told that games will work around any potential VHL games and be played in the AM or PM to lessen the impact to people's work schedules.......  The schedule should be out within the next couple of weeks......

Currently, we have 10 confirmed (9 skaters and 1 goalie).

  1. Tristan
  2. Lucas
  3. Andrei
  4. Cayden
  5. Alexis
  6. Henry
  7. LJ
  8. Connor H
  9. Jacob M
  10. Luke

We also have 2 No's due to other coflicts and 2 still awaiting a response. 

If anyone needs to change there choice, let me know ASAP!!!  As I have to register today for the tournament and pay the fee.


The tournament cost for the team is $845.  There is a three game guarantee, plus a championship game.


Currently, the cost per player based on who has confirmed would be $84.50.  Obvioulsy, I will adjust or refund the cost per player if more players get added.   


The easiest way for me, would be to have the payments paid through Venmo.  If that is not an option, cash or check if fine as well.

  • My venmo account is Bob Loughlin - @Bob-Loughlin


If anyone would like to help orgnaize a team dinner or event.  That would be a great help.  We can also try teaming up with the White Team (based on schedules) since they are also doing this tournament (different division).


Any other questions, please feel free to ask.... 




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Tournament Update / Makeup game
by posted 01/10/2022

Just to keep everyone in the loop on a few things. 

First, as it relates to the tournament.  We are still in a wait and see mode.  Our issue is that the tournament director is trying to get a 6th team added in order to allow us to play making a 6 team division.  They may do an exemption and go with a 5 team tournament but that needs additional approval, that the director doesn't have yet..

As soon as I hear anything I will send an update.

Second is the canceled game vs Newton that was originally to be played on 12/26.  This game is going to be made up on 1/22 at NStar, be on the look out for exact time shortly.  But it will be either 320p or 420p.





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