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Preliminary Team Placement for Players

Preliminary Rosters:  Rankings and team assignments, at each level, will be drafted by the Hockey Director after a peer review check with the Coaching Coordinators and President.  The Hockey Director will then convene a Coaches Meeting to review the Preliminary Player Placements on the Proposed Teams at each level.  This meeting will review placements, scores and reference coaching evaluations to help in the Preliminary Player Placements.  Optimum Final team size is between 11-15 players plus goalies, so Preliminary Rosters will have 9-11 players to allow for Fall Conditioning movements.  The actual number of players placed on the preliminary rosters for each team will be large enough to ensure that 75% of players stay on the final roster.  This means that we might have more players on preliminary rosters for a specific team than the final roster.

All players are evaluated equally with no guaranteed spots.  In the event of a statistical tie, preference will be given on the higher team by the following criteria: 1) The player who is a returning CM Revolution player from the prior season, 2) the player who was a member of the higher level team in the division[1] from the prior season, 3) A second year player at the same age level.

In the event, that a second year player in a division would be moved down to a lower team than the prior season based on their tryout scores, without either an expansion or contraction of the number of teams in the division, a consensus agreement must be reached by the Hockey Operations team and signed off on by the President.

Players who are eligible for movement in the fall are flagged at the spring coaches meeting time based on their performance during tryouts and coaches’ evaluations.  The Final Preliminary Rosters will be submitted to the BOD for Final Approval.

[1] A player who has moved up a division will not be given preference based on the team they played on in the previous division.  For example, a player from the Squirt 1 team moving to the Peewees, will not be given preference over a similar player at the Peewee level based on their previous placement at the Squirt Level.

NO PLAYERS WILL BE PLACED ON A TEAM ROSTER unless all outstanding family balances previous financials and the 2019/20 $250 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit are PAID IN FULL. [The treasurer does reserve the right to allow players on the ice if acceptable payment plans have been approved and are current].