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CMR Player Evaluation Registration Process

1. Register with USA Hockey: Obtain USA Hockey  Number

            A valid USA Hockey Registration number is required for all player evaluations and hockey leagues.

Registrations before April - Current players use your current USA Hockey Confirmation Number. New players without a 2019/20 USA Hockey membership number may obtain a 2020-21 Membership in March (valid through 8/31/2021)

Registrations on/after April 1 - Register for a new USA Hockey Confirmation Number for the upcoming season valid throu 8/31/21.

Visit to register for a player's USA Hockey number. Click Player/Coach to register.

2. Player Evaluation On-line Registration and Payment

Each player is to register on the registration page to participate in player evaluations. Hockey Operation volunteers will be using the registration information to plan for player evaluation sessions. There is a LOT of planning that takes place PRIOR to players stepping on the ice.

  • All players, new or returning, are required to register prior to skills and scrimmage.
  • All players, new or returning, are required to pay a $250 non refundable deposit prior to first scrimmage session.
  • Current CMR players:
    • Do not create a new account for the same player. This causes duplicate accounts for the same player and potential issues. Also take a moment to review/update information including address, email and phone numbers.
  • The player evaluation deposit will be applied to the 2020/21 tuition. Checks are accepted at the rink. Final tuition cost will be set in the near future.

3. Player check-in at the rink for all sessions

Rink Check-In: Upon arrival to each player eval session: skills and scrimmages, CM Revs volunteers will check-in all players and hand out numbered pinnies to each player.  Please make sure that the number on the pinnie is visually observable from both sides because the evaluators will need to see these to score the player.

No player will be permmited to participate in any on ice scrimmage player evaluation session unless all outstanding family balances previous financials and the 2020/21 $250 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit are PAID IN FULL. [The treasurer does reserve the right to allow players on the ice if acceptable payment plans have been approved and are current].