massachusetts youth hockey

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I have been getting emails from CM Revolution - how can my spouse or other family recieve these emails as well? My information (phone number, address, email etc.) needs to be updated, how do I do this? To perform either, please follow these steps:


  • At thet op of the page Click on "My Account"
  • Then click on the person for the information to edit OR click 'ADD guardian' to add another person(s) that should receive all notifications and team info.
  • Once finished with a person's information, make sure to click SUBMIT at the bottom to save all the information.

How do I update my player's or my USA Hockey Number?


  • Click on My Account at the top of the page. 
  • Click on the name of the individual who's number you want to update. 
  • Enter the number at the bottom of the page where you see USAH Confirm. #.  Click verify USAH #
  • Click submit at the bottom of the page.

Where do I find my player's Team page

Go to the "2019/20 Teams" tab section at the top of the page. 

  • Select the level your child plays at and then select the team he or she plays on. 
  • Once on that page, from the left navigation bar, there is a menu to clink on for
    • <Contacts>—to reach out to your coaches
    • <Schedule>—to show the events for that team (games, practices, skills sessions, etc.)
    • <Roster>—to view your team members.

I want to find my player's Schedule.

Go to the "2019/20 Teams" tab section at the top of the page. 

  • Select the level your child plays at and then select the team he or she plays on
  • then on the Left Navigation Bar select Schedule.  

OR on the Home Page, click on Master Schedule to see a week-at-a-glance for all teams, for games and practices at all rinks.

Where and when does my player practice and have games?

Our home rinks are at the Northstar Ice Sports, Westborough, Buffone, Lake Avenue, Worcester and Navin, Marlborough. Practices are held during various weekday evenings and weekends.

‚ÄčPractices are 2X/week and will be set for the season. There may be an additional weekend practice based around games and ice availability.  Times and days will vary, based around each team’s game schedule and ice availability. Consideration is also given to coaches that coach multiple teams.


Occasionally, game and practice schedules can change, which we may not have control over.  Any changes will be communicated with as much notice as possible. Coaches/team managers will also be in touch with their team.  Please ensure that you and any other family members that need to be aware of practices, schedules etc. are set up to receive emails with a current email address to receive all league communications. Information on how to add additional person to the family account to receive updates, is located at the top of this page.


How are games scheduled?

Games are determined by the Valley Hockey League (VHL) at a variety of rinks in the region, on the weekends Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays.  Therefore, CM Revolution does not set the game schedule for its teams.


VHL has shown a pretty consistent game-release schedule for its full-season teams.   The first release will cover September and most of October (“parity round”) ; the second release will go through about New Years; the third will go through early March; and the fourth will cover the last couple weeks in March before playoffs.   As soon as the VHL schedule is made available, games and practices will be added to the master calendar on our website and emails notifications will follow.


Northstar Ice Sports will release the schedule for all the Mite levels in September. It will be released and imported into the calendar when it is received.


Do you have an "app" for tracking my team?

“Sports Illustrated Play” app—we highly recommend downloading this tool to keep track of your team schedule, it communicates directly with our teams calendars.  All instructions for set up and use are available here


For communication with your coach and coaches, please verify they are using the SI app for communication as well. Your team pre season parent meeting will cover this and a variety of additional important season topics.