massachusetts youth hockey

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Hockey Equipment
Where to buy and how to fit
Hockey Equipment is very important for the safety and well being of our skaters.

CM Revolution requires proper equipment for all practies and games.  As a new parent to hockey it can be daunting to know what equipment to buy.  We have an equipment guide which can help you in choosing the proper fit and equipment for your young player.

Required equipment and Order of dressing of equipment

  1. Cup shorts/which also attach socks
  2. Shin guard then socks
  3. Pants then skates (skates sharpened PRIOR to use & throughout the season
  4. Shoulder pads then elbow pads then shirt
  5. Helmet/mouthguard
  6. Gloves/Stick
  7. Listening ears and work hard
  8. FUN!!

                        Check fit of all equipment throughout the season, kids grow!!!                              

     Visit this link for USA Hockey Parent Info