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Pre-Season INFO: Fall Conditioning Evals & 3x3 Weekend Skates

   CM REVS Volunteers are asking everyone to take a few minutes to read

ALL of this important information in order to have a great start

for the upcoming Revs hockey season. THANK YOU.


As a final reminder, in order to participate in fall conditioning evaluations:

  • Tuition payments must be current which include both the June and July payments being paid.
    • Log in to your ACCOUNT to see your player's account balance.
    • DO NOT RE REGISTER YOUR PLAYER. Click here for the steps for online and mail in (check) payment.
  • A player must have a 2019/20 USA Hockey number to participate.
    • A player may NOT participate unless this has been completed AND updated in the player's CM Rev's account on the
    • Click here to register with USA Hockey.
    • To Enter USAH #: Log IN on, Click MY ACCOUNT, Click Player's name, Enter USAH # & click confirm.
  • Regular season practices should begin 9/6/19 and team practice schedules will be provided in the near future.
  • Please take the time to read the Fall Conditioning and the Final Roster process here.
  • All information on the evaluation process from Spring to Fall Conditioning can be found on the left tab under "Player Evaluations Overview"


All fall conditioning evaluations will be held on weekdays between Monday and Thursday. 

  • Fall Conditioning Evaluations will take place between 8/19/19 and 9/6/19. Please scroll thru all 3 weeks below for your player's slots.
  • Fall Conditioning Evaluation schedule is listed below for each level but will NOT be loaded into individual team schedules as placements may change during the process. Please check the schedule below for your player's sessions.
  • For Fall Evaluation sessions, any session where player(s) are called up (i.e. squirt 4 and called up 3s) will be communicated to called up players by Hockey OperationsThis does not guarantee final placement at the higher team, but an opportunity to see where the player will fit best.
  • Please take the time to read all about Fall Conditioning Evaluation process here.


OPTIONAL 3x3 weekend skates are available during the fall conditioning weeks (Friday-Sunday). No player evaluations occur during the weekend.

  • Weekend Skates are informal 3x3 games among each division (squirts, peewees, etc). 
  • Weekend Skates are completely optional and are meant to provide extra ice time and fun prior to the start of the season.

Fall Conditioning Week 1

Monday 8/19

Tuesday 8/20

Wednesday 8/21

Thursday 8/22

6PM Navin: Squirt 1/2 & Mite 1/2 (optional practice ½ sheet shared ice squirts/mites)



8PM Buffone: Midgets 4

7PM Navin: Goalie Evals – (details forthcoming)



9PM Buffone:                          Midgets 3 (red & black)

8PM Navin: Peewee 1 & 2 (optional practice)








Friday 8/23

Saturday 8/24

Sunday 8/25







7AM Buffone: Peewees 3x3

5:30PM Navin:              Lady Revs (all )



8AM Buffone: Squirts 3x3

6:30PM Navin:     Bantams



9AM Buffone: Mites 3x3




Fall Conditioning Week 2

Monday 8/26

Tuesday 8/27

Wednesday 8/28

Thursday 8/29


5PM NS/A:                                     Mite 3 & called up 4s

6:20PM NS/B:                  Peewee 2 & called up 3s

5:10PM NS/C:                               Mite 3 & called up 4s

7PM NS/C: Squirt 1 & 2 & Peewee 1 (optional practice ½ sheet shared ice squirts/peewees)

5:10PM NS/C:                                     Squirt 3 & called up 4s

7:20PM NS/C:                        Lady Revs (all)

6:10PM NS/C:                        Squirt 3 & called up 4s

8PM NS/C: Bantams

6PM NS/A: Peewee 3


8PM Buffone:                      Peewee 2 & called up 3s

6PM Navin: Mite 4

7:30PM NS/B:                                 Midgets 2 & called up 3s


9PM Buffone:                         Midgets 2 & called up 3s

7PM Navin: Squirt 4




8PM Navin:                           Midget 3 (red and black)








Friday 8/30

Saturday 8/31

Sunday 9/1


5PM NS/A: Mites 3x3

7AM Buffone: Squirts 3x3

7AM NS/B: Peewee 3x3



8am Buffone: Peewee 3x3

8AM NS/B: Mites 3x3


5:20PM NS/B: Squirts 3x3

9AM Buffone: Mites 3x3

9AM NS/B: Squirts 3x3


7:20PM NS/A: Peewees 3x3

12:40PM NS/B:Lady Revs 3x3

1PM NS/C: Lady Revs 3x3


7:40PM NS/B: Bantams 3x3


2PM NS/C: Bantams 3x3


8:30PM NS/A: Midgets 3x3

1:50pm NS/B:

5:30PM Navin: Midgets 3x3


8:50PM NS/B: Midgets 3x3


6:30PM Navin:               Midgets 3x3



4:10PM NS/B: Bantams 3x3




5:20pm NS/B:




Fall Conditioning Week 3

Monday 9/2 (Labor Day)

Tuesday 9/3

Wednesday 9/4

Thursday 9/5


5PM NS/A: Mite 1,2 & 3

6:20PM NS/B: Squirt 1, 2 & 3

5:10PM NS/C: Mite 1, 2 & 3

7PM NS/C: Squirts 3x3

5:10PM NS/C: Squirt 1,2 & 3

7:20PM NS/C: Peewee 3 & 4 (optional skate)

6:10PM NS/C: Squirt 4 (optional skate)

8PM NS/C: Peewee 3x3

6PM NS/A: Peewee 1 & 2


8PM Buffone: Peewee 1 & 2

6PM Navin: Lady Revs

7:30PM NS/B: Midget 1 & 2


9PM Buffone: Midget 1 & 2

7PM Navin: Bantams 3x3




8PM Navin: Midgets 3x3




Friday 9/6

(Reg Practices begin)


Sunday 9/8


7:20PM NS/A: Squirt 1 & 2 (final eval if needed)






5:30PM Navin:  Family Skate (details forthcoming)




6:30PM Navin:  Family Skate (details forthcoming)




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Bruins Academy - Learn to Play Hockey

 Bruins Academy - Learn to Play Hockey

CM Revs Nation, once again we pleased to offer Learn to Play Hockey for brand new hockey players in cooperation with Boston Bruins with Bruins Academy.

What is Bruins Academy??

Bruins Academy is a learn to play hockey program that runs for 4 weeks during the month of October. Registration is thru the Bruins Academy. Included in the registration is all equipment from helmet to skates AND hockey bag along with four weeks of on ice instruction.

Cost: $140 per player

  • Full equipment (helmet/cage, shoulder pads and elbow pads, gloves, pants, shin guards, skates, jersey, socks, stick and bag)
  • Birth years 2010-2014 and never registered with USA Hockey previously
  • Basic skating skills preferred

How to Register

Session Dates/Locations

CM Revolution has 2 session options for Bruins Academy. You may only choose ONE location/registration, not both. Switching of sessions is not permitted.

Central Mass Revolution                                          Central Mass Revolution ll

Saturdays, October 5, 12, 19, 26 @ 1:40pm   OR    Sundays, October 6, 13, 20, 27 @ 8:00 am

@ Northstar, Rink B, Westborough                          @ Northstar, Rink B, Westborough


Equipment Fittings

Fittings will be held at Pure Hockey locations throughout New England. Players will be fitted and all equipment will be mailed directly to the player's residence. IF you registered after August 14th, you will need to attend a Bruins FAN FEST for an equipment fitting.







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Tuition Payment 2019/20 Season

Hello CM Rev families!

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far. There are many volunteering to make the next season an even better success for the CM REVS!! If you are interested in becoming involved in volunteering in ANY capacity please email

A few friendly reminders for the 2019/20 season.

USA Hockey Registration: Please register with USA Hockey for the 2019/20 season. Every player, coach and team manager will need a NEW USA Hockey Registration for the upcoming season. You will receive a USA Hockey number that will need to be entered in the player, coach or manager's account. To obtain a USA Hockey Confirmation number, please the following link to register for with USA Hockey.

Tuition Payments: Checks (preferred due to cc processing fees) or Credit Card payments are accepted.

Checks: Made out - Central Mass Revolution Youth Hockey

Mailed to - Central Mass Revolution Youth Hockey

 PO Box 863

Northborough, MA‚  01532

Credit Card: Click the WHITE "SIGN IN" button in the upper right hand corner.

  • LOGIN, once logged in to your current account, at the top of the right hand side click 'MY ACCOUNT' to view all of your family's players for payments.
  • Choose payment amount and follow the prompts or mail in payment.
  • DO NOT use online registration tab to make a payment on your account.
  • DO NOT recreate a new player account
  • If a NEW registration or NEW family account is created, this will create issues with your player's account/team info.

Tuition Payment Schedule

Please remember to submit tuition payment on time. A player that is not up to date with their tuition will not be placed on a team or permitted to play at Fall Conditioning/practices or games. Please see your account for amount due for each month's payment.

          Tuition                      Payment Schedule      Due Date

  • Mites $1,300                   Deposit                  April 1, 2019
  • Squirts $1.800               1st payment            June 30, 2019
  • Peewees $1,800            2nd payment           July 30, 2019
  • Bantams $1,800            3rd payment           August 30, 2019
  • Lady Revs $1,400         4th payment           September 30, 2019
  • Midgets -Fall Session $750

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